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       "And I saw thrones,  and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them " and the lives of those who had been beheaded because of the witness they bore to Yahushua and because of the Word of Elohim, and who did not worship the beast, nor his image, and did not receive his mark upon their foreheads or upon their hands. And they lived and reigned with Messiah for a thousand years"
- Revelation 20:4

   How many times have you read that verse? What I have underlined in the above verse needs to be stressed. The qodesh ones have a strong message [this message can be found nine times just within the book of Revelation] of keeping the word [Commands] of Yahuwah and bore witness [testimony] of Yahushua.

   There is much confusion going around as to who will be doing the beheading. In one corner there proudly stands the religion of Islam. The other corner, there stands the whore, showing her iron teeth, the Roman Catholic Church herself! Oh, which ruthless religion will rise up and force the brutal slaying of the qodesh ones?

   We know the great dragon, that serpent of old will be behind it. This Imposter [please download your free copy of this very important book today or request your free DVD] will be masquerading as the true Mashiach.  Yes Islam does believe in killing all infidels and they do behead, this is true. However, the RCC is really pushing for all to keep Sunday holy. They are even trying to enforce this into becoming a national and possibly a global law. It is true that the fourth beast spoken by the prophet Daniel is indeed Rome. Therefore, Rome will play a major role in the final days of this earth age.

   The confusion lies in that way too many have not looked at center stage. This is where I want to take you, right in the middle of both of these religions. As we look at Center stage, the following information will give you a clear view, as to who will be shedding innocent blood. The truth will be shocking; nevertheless the truth will speak for itself!

   Are you ready? Here we go.  A great cleansing of the earth is on the horizon. The Rainbow Covenant, disguised as peaceful yet this sinister scheme is far from peaceful.  Through this so called peace the outcome will be massive Genocide.

   What is the Rainbow Covenant.? This book, written by Michael Dallen, describes in great detail how the world can achieve global peace. According to them, this global peace can be accomplished by simply acknowledging, the Seven Mitzvot (Laws) of Noah. These seven universal laws (please download the book, The Imposter and tract Beware of the Noahide Laws) are for all gentiles (Goyim or non-Jews]. According to their belief a non-Jewish person can be righteous without having to convert to Judaism. They simply need to embrace and follow the Seven Laws of Noah. However, they teach that the Torah (five books of Moshe which includes the Ten Commandments) is strictly for the Jews. I know it is crazy but that is what they are teaching: (emphasis added by me)

"It is worthwhile to point out, that while the 10 commandments get a lot more press, they are not the subject of this book as they are not required by all people, but only by Jews."- Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum http://www.rainbowcovenant.org/pages/thebook.htm

 These seven laws seem simple enough. We know the majority cannot keep the Marriage Vows (Ten Commandments) as for one their hearts have not been circumcised. Yet the majority will keep these counterfeit seven laws of Noah.  Countless others have been brainwashed into believing we do not need to keep those Ten Commandments. Especially the one we were told to remember to keep qodesh, the Seventh Day Sabbath. 

Countless millions have forgotten how important the seventh day is. Sadly, the world will be more able to keep the seven universal moral codes instead of Yahuwah's Law. The line will be etched in stone, one law for the gentiles another law for the Jews.  In truth, this teaching is actually contrary to the Torah. Yahuwah has told us that there is but,  "One law (Torah) is for the assembly and for the stranger who sojourns with you, a law forever throughout your generations. One Torah and one right-ruling is for you and the stranger who sojourns with you." (Bemidbar 14:15-16]

   As it has been written, through peace he (The Son of Perdition/man of sin) will kill many (Daniel 8:25). Amazing how the Scriptures are clear as can be. Beloved ones there is just one set of laws that claim to bring worldwide peace. That is right, the Noahide Laws! They believe that all nations will be able to not only obtain peace but live side by side in peace. This remarkable event cannot occur though until after the nations embrace the Noahide Laws (Rainbow Covenant). Who will be able to get the nations to embark on this short lived false peace? Well the Imposter, known as the Son of Perdition will. Forget that talk about the antichrist being king of Syria, Obama, the UN leader, the Pope (he could be the false prophet), Bono, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi (US speaker of the house) Vladimir Putin, Osama bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (president of Iran), Al Gore, Bill Gates, Prince Charles and even Pat Robinson.  All these are anti-messiah's but they are not the Son of Perdition. The Imposter will more than likely be in a white robe coming in the clouds. I believe this remarkable strong delusion will occur right at the height of WW3 [please download the book the False Armageddon or request your free DVD].

   Beloved ones, I speak a truth, there will be much bloodshed on this earth through the Seven Universal Laws of Noah. Do not be deceived (tricked) into following these imposters, these Zionist Jews and those that walk in their council. These people are extremely dangerous to you,  your loved ones and the rest of us called out ones.

 In plain sight for all to view, these inhumane pictures are posted on the Rainbow Covenant website. Under the guise of humor, these pictures paint a clear and horrible genocide rising! Behold their devilish scheme.

The following quotes can be found at: http://www.rainbowcovenant.org/pages/cartoons_000.htm

Click images for larger view
Scroll down to see all images


Image 1.

Notice this man is chasing the woman up a tree with a club in his hand? This picture is actually depicting, a man has every right to beat a woman into submission. He will rule over her.

Image 2.

Titled "The Torah Revolution". That is what they are really doing is revolting against Yahuwah. This picture is telling us that the whore herself is indeed superior over Yahuwah's Laws. They show their superiority by having two laws (1 for the gentile and 1 for the Jew) this is not what Yahuwah has told us in His word.


As the helpless man is drowning, the other man is standing there with a smirk on his face. Instead of helping the man he lets him drown. To them all gentiles that are not practicing the Noah laws, deserve to die.

 The deeper meaning here is that no Jew is permitted to marry Goyim (gentile). It would be bad breeding of the utmost.

 This image says, "B'nai Noah have no business going before a Jewish congregation and reading to it aloud from any portion of the Torah scroll." Why? To them they are superior to all. Take note of their face expressions.

This image is titled, "Who Decides." This image seems innocent enough. However, the previous picture and then the one that follows, tells us that they believe they hold the power to decide. What can they decide? Who lives and who dies. According to their twisted ideology, "God has not restricted Israel to passive witnessing alone." Do you comprehend this? They believe they can use force if the need rises. Beloved ones,  that is actually what they plan to do.

They ask a very serious question, "Must every convicted criminal be executed?"  

According to the Rainbow Covenant the Seven Universal Laws of Noah all criminals must be executed by decapitation. This picture is the most disturbing of them all. This is Genocide beloved ones. Whoever breaks the Noahide Laws will be beheaded. Those who keep Yahuwah's Seventh Day Sabbath and those who have faith in Yahushua could very well find themselves in a line such as this. Many of the qodesh ones will be beheaded just as it has been foretold. Notice the basket full of heads? There is also a woman having to pick up the rolling heads or she is cleaning up the blood. This is the great blood bath HaShatan along with his crew, are eagerly looking forward to.

How many of you believe in eating your own chickens? Cattle? Or even goats? According to the Noahide Law, if you kill a chicken from your own back yard, you are guilty. Therefore, you deserve to beheaded.

Notice the boy building the pyramid out of blocks?

This one reads, "Remember that man-made religion is a contradiction in terms."

Contrary to the pictures, the Native Americans along with the Africans and even Spaniards are closer to being the true identity of the early Hebrews.

"Unfortunately, physicians and other so-called healers can be superstitious."

Again the whore likes to show her superiority over the Creator of heaven and earth. Yahuwah has told us that He has given us herbs to heal our body. This picture is associating all that use Yahuwah's healing plants are practicing magic.

"The state may not use its power to establish a false religion."

But the state will establish their so called true religion. This religion has forsaken Yahuwah and denies Yahushua.


Wow if that is not further from the truth. Many prophets of old such as Jeremiah not only tore down the idols but the altars and high places.


  As I mentioned before, this is a very dangerous teaching. To claim that Yahuwah's Marriage Vows are only for the Jews is contrary to the Torah. Yahuwah has told us that there is but one Torah for the native born and the stranger! Those who teach these counterfeit laws know as the Noahide Laws, are actually going against the Torah!

"Most of these 7 commandments, though rarely violated, are also rarely thought about. As a result, it is likely that the reader will learn something on most every page. If nothing else, the references are an impressive resource covering a wide array of biblical, talmudic and secular sources."
- Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum

Rarely violated... that is so far from the truth. Every time you say Yahuwah, you have violated their Noahide Law. This man's law of not saying the Qodesh name of the Father is all part of the Great Conspiracy (please request your free DVD].Guilty as charged, off with your head. Notice where a lot of the resource come from? Talmudic and secular sources!

"Universal Laws for Perfecting the World"
- yoshiyahu

Yes, they are pushing for these laws to be enforced on a global scale. All who refuse will be labeled haters of peace and must be destroyed! Oh what a wicked web they spin.  

"In "The Rainbow Covenant," author Michael Dallen shows that in addition to the well-known ten commandments directed at the Jewish people, under biblical law there are seven universal commandments which should govern the conduct of the rest of mankind" -James S. Lawrence

Are you hearing this? Do you perceive beloved one? Again, Yahuwah has told us that there is just one Torah for the native born and the stranger alike. The Moral Universal Law is the Marriage Vows (The Ten Commandments) of Yahuwah, which includes keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath!Those who keep the Seventh Day Sabbath bear witness that we worship Yahuwah the Creator of Shamayim [heaven] and earth.  Not the Seven Laws of Noah. I ask you to please ponder on the following quote:

"The author does not attack or endorse Christianity for non-Jews, though he expressly opposes it for Jews, whose duties go far beyond those of the seven commandments. In showing the potential compatibility of other religious traditions with the Noahide Code, Dallen cites Christian and Muslim authorities for their support of monotheism, a fundamental principle that is the bedrock of Jewish and much non-Jewish religious thought." - James S. Lawrence

  The three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Muslim (Please read the Imposter book) will cling to each other claiming to be part of the seed of Abraham. What binds them together, the belief in monotheism. Each religion is also waiting for the Imposter!
I have greatly pondered that even though the Noahide Laws will be enforced world-wide each country's religion such as Christianity may enforce their counterfeit Sabbath. Sunday being for the Christians. I do know that if you are not a modern day Jew you will not be permitted to keep Yahuwah's Seventh day Sabbath. In light of this news,
Some claim to be qodesh yet have rebuked me telling me to repent for teaching the Marriage Vows. I am reminded, "Whoever, then, breaks one of the least of these commands, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the reign of the heavens; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the reign of the heavens." -Matthew 5:19

According to them, who call themselves qodesh: "I'm teaching people damnable heresies, leading people into bondage and believe in distorted doctrinal beliefs." Yet I bear witness that we are to keep the Marriage Vows including the "Remember the Sabbath to keep it qodesh, six days you labour and do all your work but the seventh is a day of rest." 

Just in the book of Revelation, nine times alone we are told that the qodesh ones (set-apart ones) not only have the testimony of Yahushua Ha Mashiach but they also keep Yahuwah's Commandments. Read these amazing verses for yourself; Revelation 1:2, 1:9, 3:8, 6:9,12:11,12:17, 14:12, 15:3, and 20:4.

Beloved ones, I ask you to ponder if one can be convinced that the Marriage Vows including the Seventh Day Sabbath has been done away with, as most Christian believe, and then many will embrace the dangerous Noahide Laws. To them the Marriage Vows have been done away with therefore keeping the Noahide Laws for world peace and saving their lives will be embraced upon their hearts!

"Years ago, an acquaintance told me about God's Seven Noahide Laws, His moral laws for all people. I read a number of books on the subject; Rainbow Covenant is the best. Michael Dallen writes with reverence, intelligence, clear analysis, and humor. The book is a complete introduction. It is thoroughly researched. Every spiritual institution (whether church, temple, synagogue, or mosque) should teach the Seven Universal Laws. Without eliminating existing religions, these sublime moral principles will eventually bring the world's peoples together in harmony and love."- Christean Rache

"Dallen says, "The Jews have their covenant of Sinai; the vast majority of humanity, the rest of the Children of Noah, have the Rainbow Covenant, yet ultimately man's obligations are the same--obey God's laws. It should go without saying that people must study these laws if they wish to know how to keep them." -Andrea  M Chester

"Mr Dallen documents everything he writes with sources from Biblical, Talmudic, and other writings" -Lr Rogers LR

 This Ram's Horn message must be loudly blown in the ears of the people. If we blow loud enough, we might reach the deaf! Clearly, this Rainbow covenant does not end with a pot of gold but a blood bath of innocent blood! This movement is and will take over the world! This false peace, to appease the flesh, all those who refuse will be considered non-peaceable. The opposers will be killed or as some say recycled.

   The Seven Laws of Noah will be enforced either right before the Son of Perdition shows up, or soon thereafter. They believe when their messiah returns, he will rid the earth of all Amelek. Do not be deceived by the coming Imposter. I speak a truth; this will be the biggest deception in all of world history!

"Let no one deceive [trick] you in any way, because the falling away [apostasy or forsaking] is to come first, and the man of lawlessness is to be revealed, the son of destruction." -2 Thessalonians 2:3

  The final apostate movement will be vast amounts set the law of Yahuwah to the side for these seven laws of Noah. Since many will be flocking to ha shatan's playground (Israel) all gentiles (according to their standards) will be permitted to enter into the state as long as they agree and abide by the Noahide Laws.  This will be the final blow against Yahuwah's Commandments (as there is but one Torah for the stranger and the native born).

"These ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws... Joint Resolution of the United States Congress, March 20, 1991, Public Law 102-14 (Congressional Record, Vol. 137) "

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